Google Ads

Google Ads – a more efficient Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

More than 90 percent of all Internet search queries in Germany are done via Google today. By positioning your text ad above or next to Google’s natural search results, you reach exactly those Internet users who are looking for your particular products and services.

Measure the results
With Google Ads you can measure exactly which SEM campaign has been successful and which one has only wasted money. Analyze exactly how many orders have been generated by each keyword and each ad and how this relates to the ad spending. It enables you to systematically reduce the divergence loss and to maximize your marketing budget.

Google Display Network
You want to place your ads on websites providing content related to your product? The Google Display Network comprises millions of websites and enables you to specifically address potential new customers with text or banner ads.

Pinpoint your area
You only want to address customers in a specific city or region? With Google Ads you have the choice to let users worldwide, only in Germany or specifically in the Cologne or Berlin area view your ads.
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